How do I donate on behalf of a friend or buy a Halo for another participant?

If you are making one donation on behalf of a friend participating in NaNoWriMo, simply enter your friend's NaNoWriMo username and name to be listed on the Brought To You By page into the spaces on the donation order form.

If you are placing an order for two donations, one on behalf of yourself and the other for a friend, you can order them both in one order. One of the donations in your order should contain your username and name for the Brought To You By page, and the other should contain your friend's information.The same goes if you want to donate on behalf of multiple friends. Just make sure that that you order a separate donation within your order; one for each friend.

If, however, you would like each friend you donate on behalf of to get donor goodies sent to their address, you will need to put in a separate order for each donation.

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