How can I add a word count update to a past date, or delete an incorrect word count update?

You can add or delete progress updates for past days by following these steps:

1. Click on the name of your project. This will take you to your Project Goals page. From here, you click on the name of the goal you want to edit.

2. This will take you to the Stats Page for this goal. To edit your progress on a specific day, you will click "Add a New Update".

3. A window will open where you can add a progress update for a past day. Make sure to select the date you want to edit and input a time—without both the date and time, your update will not save correctly.

4. Enter your word count. You must also enter a start time as well as an end time. You can also add where and how you are writing, if you choose. Click on "Save Progress" and your edit has been saved.

5. You should be able to see your edited progress reflected in your charts. Repeat these steps for any additional edits you would like to make for your project.  

Once you have completed your edit(s), your badges should be updated on your dashboard as well.

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