How do I create a Writing Group?

To create a Writing Group, go to the “Groups” tab on your home page and click on “Create a Writing Group”.

You will see a window where you can name your Writing Group. Type into the text field and click “Create My Writing Group

Next, a window will pop up with a button that will finalize the process of helping you create your Writing Group! Click on “Take Me There” to view your group.

Congratulations, you created a Writing Group! Now let’s put some flourish on it! You can edit your group by clicking on “Admin”.

This is where you can edit your settings. To edit settings, click on the button on the right side of the page.

*You can also delete the group whenever you like as long as there are no other members in it, by clicking on the "Delete Group" button.

The following window will pop up where you can edit your Writing Group info. You can do the following:

  • Determine the maximum number of members in the group
  • Determine who has permission to invite new members
  • Describe your group
  • Provide a link to any external pages for the group

You can add an avatar and/ or a header for the group by clicking on the sub menu and then either dragging and dropping an image or clicking “Select an Image”. Once you are done, make sure to click “Save Details”.

Now you are ready to invite members and share meaningful content with your group members! When you click on the person with a + icon, a text field will appear where you can search for friends by username.

Type in the name you would like to search for, then press enter.

A list of users whose names match what you typed will appear. Click “Invite” for anyone you would like to join your Writing Group and try to stay calm in anticipation of great times that await!

When the person you invited accepts, you will see their name in the Active Members part of the page, which appears when the icon of multiple people is engaged.

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