How to Win Camp and Collect Winner Goodies

To win Camp, you need to do one thing: Reach your goal!

Once you have reached your goal, a purple badge with a purple tent will appear in your notifications (the little bell icon!) Click that badge to visit your winner page !


Here’s how to access your winner goodies:


Troubleshooting Stubborn Projects

Now, if that badge doesn’t appear, let’s do some troubleshooting!

First, make sure your project is associated with the Camp NaNoWriMo April 2020 event. Here’s my project that was created manually. Look on your projects list. See your goal? If it’s an official project, it will have a tent beside the name.

No tent!


Click into your goal. The goal should be named “Camp NaNoWriMo April 2020.” If it’s not, we’ll need to associate it. Here, you can see that I created a personal project, so it says “My new goal” instead. We need to associate that with the event.


Click on the teeny-tiny little arrow on the right side of the goal box to edit it. (I know, it’s minuscule. We’re going to work on that!)


This will open the edit goal dialogue. Here you can change the name of your goal, or associate it with an official event. For winner goodies, you’ll need to associate it. This will do two things;

  1. It will grey out the goal name and change it to the default, uneditable name of Camp NaNoWriMo April 2020.
  2. It will change the default goal to 50k. If your goal was already 50k you can leave it, if it was higher or lower, remember to reset it to what it was before!


Save the goal. Your goal should now be associated with Camp! Now, wait a few seconds and refresh the page. If your goal was met, it should automatically award your badge!


Check your notifications for the winner page. (Don’t freak out if it shows question marks for the badge picture… it’ll catch up! It still works for the winner link.) Refresh the page after 15-20 seconds to see if it shows up. (It’s not quite instantaneous.)

Now, if it doesn’t show the notification, double-check your goal. Make sure it didn’t default to 50k! If it did, you can just edit the goal to the correct one and refresh the page again.

If it still doesn’t show up, kick it in the pants by making a 1-word update to nudge the system into checking again.

How to Win if the Event is Over

If it’s past the event (May 1) you can still do this by backdating a progress update in your goal statistics page.

Click the Add a New Update button to add a new progress update. (You can do this to fix your stats or streaks, too!)


MAKE SURE you include a full timestamp, with AM or PM (the actual times don’t matter, they just have to exist) or it will default to the current day.


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