Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

NaNoWriMo believes in the transformational power of creativity. Stories can capture the world's imagination, inspire change-making conversation and expose injustice-- from The Bluest Eye to The Hunger Games, fromThe Hate You Give to The Jungle, from Kindred to A Wizard of Earthsea.

We believe the practice of creative writing can deepen and expand a person’s empathy and community. We believe this power should be shared by and made accessible to people of all ethnicities, genders, cultures, belief systems, class backgrounds, ages, abilities, and sexual orientations. NaNoWriMo’s staff and volunteers know that we have work to do to fully embody these beliefs, and are ready to pursue that work over the coming years with resources and humility. 

Find our DEI statement here, as well as our DEI Strategy Document. 

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Chronic Illness, Disability and Neurodivergent Group

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