Why 50,000 words? And how do you define “novel”?

On NaNoWriMo

Our experiences since 1999 show that 50,000 words is a challenging but achievable goal, even for people with full-time jobs and children. This is about the length of The Great Gatsby. We don’t use the word “novella” because it doesn’t seem to impress people the way “novel” does.

We define a novel as “a lengthy work of fiction.” Beyond that, we let you decide whether what you’re writing falls under the heading of “novel.” In short: If you believe you’re writing a novel, we believe you’re writing a novel, too.

On Camp NaNoWriMo

On Camp NaNoWriMo, you can set a goal anywhere from 30 to 999,999 words, hours, lines, or pages for your project. The sky’s the limit! See also: How do I change my word-count goal during Camp NaNoWriMo?

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