How do I post, edit, or delete a book cover?

There are two ways to enter or update your novel’s cover on NaNoWriMo:

  1. Click on “Projects” in the My NaNoWriMo menu.
  2. On the card for the writing project you'd like to change, you should see a gear icon toward the right. Click that to open a new window; then select the cover tab.
  3. Add an image, then select "Save Changes".
The second way is as follows:
  1. Click on your project's name.
  2. The "Details" window will be open; click "Edit Cover".
  3. Select and image and then click "Save Changes".

We recommend using the JPEG or PNG format. When you upload, the image file will be resized. At its largest on our site, your cover photo can be displayed at 488 x 698 px.

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