How do cabins work?

Cabins function as 20-person virtual writing groups. You can choose to be part of a cabin:

  • By being sorted randomly.
  • By being sorted according to your age group, genre, and/or word-count goal.
  • By creating, or being invited into, a private cabin.

Joining a Cabin

To join a cabin, make sure you've created a writing project for the current session of Camp, and filled out your profile.
  • If you want to be sorted into a cabin randomly, select the "Surprise me with random cabin mates!" option and click "Submit."
  • If you want to be sorted into a cabin with writers that share similar interests, select "I'm looking for campers that match specific criteria."
Then, you'll be able request cabin mates within your age group, writing in your genre, and/or with similar word-count goals. Once you've selected all the preferences you'd like, click "Submit."
  • If you want to create or join a private cabin, click here.
Cabin assignments will begin shortly before the start of the event, and will continue throughout the month on a rolling basis.

Leaving a Cabin

To leave a cabin, click into your cabin, then click the "Leave this cabin" link at the bottom of the page. You will be reassigned to a new cabin during the next assignment cycle.
  • If you'd like to opt out of random cabin assignments completelyselect "I don't want to be included in a cabin," and click "Submit."

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