What are badges?

Badges on the NaNoWriMo site are milestone markers, special kudos, and personal descriptors. There are two types of badges:

Participation and writing badges, which are automatically rewarded based on your achievements.
Personal achievement badges, which are self-assigned.

How do I earn participation and writing badges?

You can earn participation and writing badges by completing specific milestones on the site.

For example, when you fill out your profile, update your word count for the first time, or post on the forums, you’ll be awarded the corresponding badge on your profile page and NaNoWriMo dashboard.

How do I add personal achievement badges?

Personal achievement badges are badges that can be self-awarded. For example, if you identify as a “Planner” or a “Pantser,” you can assign yourself the corresponding badge.

These differ from participation and writing badges in that they are not system awarded — it’s up to you to “claim” the personal achievement badges you feel you’ve earned (this is on the honor system, of course)!

To add personal achievement badges:

1. Select "Profile" from the "My NaNoWriMo" drop-down menu
2. Click on a badge to award it to yourself 
3. To remove a badge, click on it and it will be un-rewarded.

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