What kind of language is acceptable in the forums?

In the forum list, you will see that some of our forums are marked as all ages, and have a yellow sun icon.  This means this forum’s content should be appropriate for all ages. We have many teenagers who frequent our site, and while we don’t expect you to be perfect angels everywhere, we do ask that you maintain a family-friendly tone in all-ages forums. Please refrain from using curse words and avoid discussions of violence or sexuality. Using masked or abbreviated profanity is not acceptable, either, and will be removed.

These restrictions do not apply to your novel in any way. Outside of the G-rated forums, strong language is acceptable in the body of posts or the body of your excerpts, so long as it’s not used in a hateful or attacking way. We do ask, however, that all participants refrain from using curse words in:
  • their usernames
  • signatures
  • user pictures
  • displayed novel titles
  • subjects of their posts

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