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  1. Can I add a signature to my forum posts?

  2. Can I change my email address?

  3. Can I change my username?

  4. Can I participate if I’m not American? Can I write a novel in any language?

  5. Can I partner with NaNoWriMo to promote my product or organization?

  6. Can I pay for merchandise with a personal check?

  7. Can I send a donation directly via PayPal?

  8. Can I use the NaNoWriMo name and/or logo? What’s under your trademark?

  9. Can I use widgets in my signature?

  10. Can I write with a partner?

  11. Can students under 13 participate in Camp NaNoWriMo?

  12. Do I have to start my novel from scratch on the first of the month? Can I use an outline?

  13. Do I still get a halo if I opt out of physical donor thank-you gifts?

  14. Do you do corporate matching gifts?

  15. How and when can I sign up? When do I start writing?

  16. How and when do I validate my writing project to win?

  17. How can educators and students participate in Camp NaNoWriMo?

  18. How can I be sure my novel is protected?

  19. How can I meet and write with Wrimos in my area?

  20. How can I scramble my novel?

  21. How can I volunteer for NaNoWriMo?

  22. How do cabins work?

  23. How do I add or remove a writing buddy?

  24. How do I add personal achievement badges?

  25. How do I become a Municipal Liaison for my region?

  26. How do I change my goal during Camp NaNoWriMo?

  27. How do I change what types of email I receive?

  28. How do I delete my NaNoWriMo account?

  29. How do I donate by check or money order?

  30. How do I donate on behalf of a friend or gift a halo to another participant?

  31. How do I earn participation and writing badges?

  32. How do I edit a prior day’s word count?

  33. How do I get winner and participant badges for past novels?

  34. How do I leave a cabin?

  35. How do I post, edit, or delete a book cover?

  36. How do I post, edit, or delete a novel excerpt or synopsis?

  37. How do I recover my password or username?

  38. How do I start a private cabin with my friends?

  39. How do I unsubscribe from emails?

  40. How do I update my pre-2007 novels on the site?

  41. How do I update my progress? How often should I update it?

  42. How do I upload an author photo to my profile?

  43. How do I validate my novel if I’m writing by hand?

  44. How do I win NaNoWriMo? What are the prizes? Is there an entry fee?

  45. How do I “home” or affiliate with my local region(s)?

  46. How do returns and refunds work?

  47. How does my donation or purchase support NaNoWriMo?

  48. How much does shipping cost?

  49. I can't find the post I made in the forums. Where is it?

  50. I haven't received a verification email. How can I verify my account?

  51. If I had an account last year, do I need to re-register?

  52. Is my donation tax-deductible?

  53. Is there a minimum age to participate?

  54. What are badges?

  55. What are forums?

  56. What are the different methods of updating my word count?

  57. What do I do if a cabin mate is posting abusive content or spam in the message board?

  58. What do I do if I see something bad in the forums?

  59. What do I do with my novel after the month is over?

  60. What genres can I write in? Can I write non-fiction or poetry?

  61. What happens to my cabin after the month is over? When are cabins reset?

  62. What if I don’t finish? Or hit my word-count goal but I’m only halfway through my novel?

  63. What is a "Halo"?

  64. What is a cabin?

  65. What is a halo? What is the public donor thank-you page?

  66. What kind of language is acceptable in the forums?

  67. What should I do if I notice a bug?

  68. When will my order arrive?

  69. When will my order ship?

  70. Where do I write my novel? Do I type it on the NaNoWriMo website?

  71. Where is my Halo?

  72. Which browsers does NaNoWriMo support?

  73. Why 50,000 words? And how do you define “novel”?

  74. Why is shipping so expensive?

  75. Why is there a discrepancy between my writing program’s word count and NaNoWriMo’s word counter?

  76. Why isn’t there a region near me?

  77. Will the company I work for match my donation?

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